Why Most Roulette Systems Don’t Really Work

Roulette has been one of the most popular gambling games for many centuries, yet no one has come up with a conclusive way of beating it. Many people through history have tried to beat the famous spinning wheel, but to little avail.

This is not to say that there aren’t many systems for betting roulette in place, but the reality is that despite all their advantages, in the long run, all roulette systems have a flow of sorts. In this article, we investigate why different roulette systems don’t really work in the long run and what you should do to have a best chance of actually winning at roulette.

Huge Investments For Tiny Returns

Many roulette betting systems revolve around starting out with a tiny investment and increasing it as you hit or miss. These systems such as Martingale or Labouchere system can work for a certain time, as you are likely to hit your even money bet once in a few tries, but the problem arises when a long stretch of misses happens.

As you have to double your bet on every single bet that you make, what can sometimes happen is that you have to bet thousands of dollars just to win a single dollar. If your bet misses, you now have to double those thousands yet again, still to win a dollar.

While theoretically you can still win money, these systems would require you to have a nearly infinite bankroll, while the money you stand to win would be measured in single dollar bills. At some point, you would end up busting even a $100.000 bankroll if you were starting out with a single dollar bet, which is surely absurd.

Sure enough, systems like Martingale make sense in the short run, but if you intend to use them to change your life, you should be very careful not to bust a healthy bankroll chasing a pipe dream.

Betting Limits

All online casinos and the vast majority of live casinos will limit your maximum bet per spin. At online casinos, you may very well end up being limited to just a few hundred dollars per spin, while live casinos will let you bet thousands, but your initial bet will often have to be $5 or more.

This means that your progressive systems won’t really work because you will hit the betting cap way too often. Starting at a single dollar investment, you will often end up hitting the cap in 8 to 10 bets, and stretches like this happen once in just a few hundred spins, which means the systems become unfeasible.

You can still try to run a hot wave for a while and win a few hundred dollars this way, but in the long run, the casinos will prevent you from busting them through limiting your maximum bets, while live casinos may even ask you to leave the game or the entire casino if they believe your system is giving you an advantage.

Casino Prerogative

All casinos, whether they are online or live, have the right to ask you not to play with them anymore at any moment. This means that you could be 6 or 8 bets into your sequence and a floor person will simply come up to you and ask you kindly not to place anymore bets. Of course, should you refuse to do so kindly, they will proceed to make you stop and will not accept any bets from you.

If this does happen, you will end up being stuck the money you have invested, with no chance of returning your investment or making a profit. In short, since the casinos have all the power and you are just a customer, you will have to oblige by their rules, and they don’t really like players who are trying to take advantage.

So What Can I Do?

To be completely realistic, your best bet when playing online roulette is to play it straight. What you certainly can do is to take advantage of one of the many fantastic online casino deposit bonuses on offer. For one of the best online casinos to play roulette you can check out https://www.casinocowboy.com/casinos/bet365-casino/ where you can experience some of the finest roulette games online with a fantastic deposit bonus.

Instead of trying to take advantage of casinos by using various betting systems, simply use the deposit bonuses to boost your bankroll and enjoy the experience of betting roulette straight up, thus not giving the casinos any reason to ban you or cause any trouble for you.

By: Zsolt A.

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