Where To Play Online Roulette for Real Money

Gambling has been around for as far back as our recorded history. Chances are it has been around much longer. Even just in the past fifty years, the number of casinos worldwide has increased exponentially. And we’re not even counting Internet casinos. Although gambling has been made more accessible by the Internet, the Internet has also made it easier for scam casinos to exist and operate.

This article discusses some of the pros and cons of gambling online, specifically with online roulette for fun and real money.

Playing Roulette Simulators for Fun

There are many different roulette simulators online, where no real money is used. They may never compare to the thrill of betting real money, but at least you have nothing to lose.

Most of the popular online games, which may not have anything to do with gambling, become popular because of the communities built around them. Many of the popular gambling games online involve multiple players. For example, many online poker sites enable you to play against others while chatting them. Even when real money is not involved, the competitive nature of the games increases their appeal. In contrast, most online roulette games provide a more solitary experience. You cannot chat other players, or compete against them. Roulette is more a game where you play against the casino, or more accurately the roulette wheel.

If you wish to play online roulette for fun, without risking real money, I suggest the free games listed at roulettephysics.com/free-roulette-simulator/.

Specifically there are two online roulette simulators suggested. The first is flash based, so you need a compatible browser. Unfortunately this does not include Mac or Apple products such as the iPad. Basically the company Apple didn’t want to use or endorse flash-based technology. This is because flash is a proprietary language created by Macromedia. Anyway that’s another story.

Be Careful of Free Games Provided By Online Casinos

Most online roulette casinos are honest, and are registered appropriately with the authorities. But there still exist dishonest casinos, which are called rogue casinos. A rogue casino is typically unlicensed, or only licensed in a poorly regulated jurisdiction. So a rogue casino is not necessarily operating illegally. But use some common sense, and you probably wouldn’t trust a casino that is registered somewhere in Nigeria, as opposed to a casino registered in the United States of America, the UK, or similar first world nation.

If you are only playing for fun, and never intend to wager real money, you might find it more fun to play at a rogue casino – at least with their “play for fun” option. This is because their play for fun accounts are often rigged, which ensure you continue to win. The idea is to get you hooked and believing that your system works. So that when you start betting real money, the real game takes effect, and you lose to the casino. This is needless to say dishonest, but common practice amongst rogue casinos.

If you are using free roulette games to test the system, be very careful to select reputable testing programs. The vast majority of free online roulette games produce predictable and unrealistic spin results. However, the majority of players have no idea how to exploit the predictability.

There are also a variety of online roulette games which give the players an illusion of consistent winnings. One example is a casino we won’t name, which provides players with a daily log in bonus. So even if you don’t play, you need only login to be paid free credits. The credits cannot be transferred into real money, and are purely for fun.

If you were to login once a day, and build your bankroll, you may still eventually lose everything. But because your account is gradually injected with more cash, you have a subtle advantage over the casino. It may seem obvious because after all, the casino is paying you with free money every day. But to an avid gambler, this blatantly obvious fact is very easy to miss. So naturally they may assume their system works.

Looking at the larger picture, if you consider this game’s leaderboard, you will notice there are many different players winning millions of dollars. Naturally you may assume that these players have a winning system. The reality is it doesn’t take much to reach the top of the leaderboard. All you would need to do is login regularly for your bonus, and not play too much. So all the time, you play with the casinos money instead of your original bankroll. If you keep playing non-stop, then you would eventually blow your bankroll. Again play, but not too much, then you’ll rank well.

The only multiplayer roulette games available do not use real wheels. The exception is of course real casinos, or online roulette games where real wheels are used. This means the majority of games you play a more about the roulette table, rather than the roulette wheel. Most players would consider the wheel and the table to be much the same thing, when in fact they are very different. The table may be a representation of the real wheel, but is deliberately scattered. For example, numbers twenty-one and twenty-two on the European wheel are in very different areas on the wheel. But they are right next to each other on the roulette table.

Tips For Real Money Play

The safest way to deposit funds with an online casino is with your credit card. This is even the case with a rogue casino. It may sound contradictory, because you would be disclosing credit card information to a potentially fraudulent organisation. But keep in mind if you are cheated, or your card is misused in any way, you can very easily obtain a charge-back from your credit card issuer. Essentially all you would need to tell them is that your card has unauthorised charges. Almost always, your card issuer will then cancel your current card, reverse any unauthorised charges, and issue you with a new card.

You may be thinking that you could do this with a reputable casino. Some card issuers won’t even question the legitimacy of a claim such as the above, and will refund you without question. One example is American Express, which is probably why many online casinos don’t accept it as payment to fund accounts. But if you made a legitimate deposit to a reputable casino, and lost from normal play, you are unlikely to every get this money back. If you were to request a charge back and claim that the original deposit transaction was unauthorised, expect the casino to contest your claim. They would be able to provide full details of the transaction, including time stamps and your IP address. They can even do the same with each bet you make. The ultimate conclusion may be that you are attempting to defraud the casino, and dishonestly get back your losses.

So ultimately if you lost fair and square, don’t attempt a credit card charge back. But if you appear to have been cheated by a rogue casino, the chances are the rogue casino won’t even exist as a legal entity, and would be unable to contest your claim.

Avoid funding accounts with cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. This is because they are irreversible, not to mention there are no regulatory authorities which can help you. In fact most jurisdictions and governments do not consider cryptocurrency’s to be legal currency at all.

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