Roulette Etiquette for the Distinguished Gambler

Here are the unspoken rules of roulette etiquette that every gambler needs to observe when sitting at the table.

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Understandably, many folks, especially those relatively new to the gambling industry may not be well-acquainted with roulette etiquette. Generally, these are the unspoken rules that go a long way towards helping you stay out of trouble at a roulette table – and guarantee a flawless gambling experience for everyone.

You’ll realize that roulette is not only a glamorous casino game but also one brimming with winning possibilities when you compare roulette game oddswith other types of games. It is, therefore, very important that you’re not excluded from its opportunities by a trivial breach of protocol.

Joining and Leaving a Table

So you’ve picked a table at which you want to play and found a spot to stand or sit – how do you get your chips? If there is a spin in play, don’t just whip out a wad of bills and toss them across the table. You’ll simply get steely glances in return and you don’t want that. Instead, just place your money in front of you and make eye contact with the dealer. If you’re seated next to him or her motion the money to towards them so they know you wish to participate.

You’ll notice that your chips are different from the rest for a simple reason; it helps distinguish your winnings from those of other gamblers at the table.

Note that roulette chips are exclusively meant for playing roulette games and cannot be used on other types of games. Therefore, when you’ve had enough action, get the croupier’s attention and ask them to exchange your colored chips for generic casino cash chips, then you can leave to cash out or go play a different game.


When it comes to placing bets online, casino rules and regulations need to be observed, which include the bonus terms and conditions. While these don’t exactly fall under the etiquette category, they’re an essential part of withdrawing your roulette winnings. Fans who prefer playing online can try before playing for real money by viewing the casino recommendations in this link.

At a land-based operator, gamblers are required to wager after the last round of bets is settled, and before the next spin. Usually, the croupier declares “no more bets” before spinning. Players are not allowed to touch their chips after this announcement. If you’re not sure about the payouts or where to place your bets, you may ask the dealer for guidance. They are always more than happy to help and not surprisingly, excellent at math.

Also, keep your hands to yourself. Don’t go touching other gambler’s chips, especially at high stakes – this may be viewed as an attempt to cheat, which will likely have you kicked out of the casino. Likewise, you need to wait until the croupier settles the bets and moves the chips toward you before attempting to take them.

Clear Communication

As you’re already aware, roulette is a social game. Sometimes, you’ll need to communicate with a fellow player or the dealer. This is especially true when you need to place a distant bet, or in a spot, that’s hard to reach. In this case, make sure that you have gathered your chips, and then get the attention of the person you want to ask for help by perhaps saying “excuse me”. Slide the chips toward them and clearly explain where you’d like them to go. Don’t just slide the chips and point.

Don’t Swear at the Table

Sometimes, the odds may not be in your favor. So, when you lose try not to hold it against the dealer. Sure he or she is the person spinning the wheel, but they are not responsible for your losses. You should respect that the croupier is just doing their job and don’t swear or use vulgar language at all.

Similarly, when you’re playing live roulette online, you must mind your language. Remember, live casinos are powered by software developers who are regularly audited for fair play and safety by trusted regulatory bodies. As such, the live streaming is never interrupted through the entire gaming session, meaning it can’t be rigged.

Be Considerate of Other Players

Here, there are two areas you’ll want to pay attention to – personal space and smoking. Firstly, let’s address smoking; the best way to be considerate of your fellow gamblers is to not smoke at all – if it’s allowed. Remember not everyone is a smoker. If you have to smoke at the table, please blow the smoke directly upwards so it doesn’t head into anyone’s direction. Also, try as much as possible to keep the ashes off of the table and the casino’s floor.

Lastly, try to respect other people’s space. If you end up at a packed roulette table, ensure that you aren’t taking up too much space by ensuring your stance isn’t wide. It would be courteous to take a step back when you’ve wagered to create room for other players.

Don’t Place Items on the Table

The only items that should be on the roulette table are the playing chips; everything else should be off the table – your drinks, ashtrays, and garments. Often, there are places built into the table railings for such items. By keeping your things off the table, you’re less likely to cause disturbances as the game goes on.

Mind Your Celebrations

Of course, you’re more than welcome to celebrate a win. However, how you do it matters a lot since you’re not the only one at the table. Celebrating respectfully is polite to those who may be down a few rounds. If you’re loud about it, you’ll only draw angry stares from your fellow gamblers.

Don’t Forget to Tip the Dealers

While this isn’t mandatory, it’s customary to tip your croupier if you’ve had a good run for your money. Also, if the dealer takes time to explain some rules, or moves your chips when they’re too far from you; it’s considered noble to give them a tip. Remember that the dealer doesn’t take home the profits, and they may not be paid very well – so tip your croupier where possible.

Note that in most European betting houses, roulette dealers aren’t allowed to take tips – in such cases, there is nothing much you can do. However, US casinos have no problem with players tipping dealers.

Keep these roulette etiquette guidelines in mind, but don’t forget that you’re in the game to take home as much money as you can. As such, always try to learn and make use of the numerous potential effective methods to beat roulette and get ahead.

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