Interesting Lessons From The Gambling Industry

If you’re looking to learn magical secrets of beating roulette, you’re at the wrong page. I have plenty of other pages that explain this. This particular page explains some of the finer points I have learned over the past 20 years. It’s only a fraction of the story though.

It’s Not All About Money

I suppose I knew early on didn’t really care about money. I cared about the freedom money provided, at least in this materialistic world. Specifically my focus was energy research. I started getting into roulette as a university student studying applied physics. My ultimate aim was to develop free energy technology. This is because of all the possible technology, any which delivered affordable energy would have the greatest impact on everyone’s quality of life. Everything would be cheaper, including the food we eat.

Money Is Viewed As A Survival Tool

Very few people care about the money itself. They care about things money can provide them. After all, you can’t do much with a big pile of money, unless you spend it.

Many times I have seen people lose all integrity, in the pursuit of money. I believe this does more damage to their own lives than these people realize. If you are dishonest to other people, parts of you that lead to happiness are reduced. But when it comes to money, it is somewhat like a survival situation. People see money as a way to survive. They feel they can’t eat or drink without it. They can’t live anywhere without it. In my opinion, it is therefore incorrect to say our society is modern or advanced. Apparently we can put a man on the moon. But we can’t solve what should be very simple problems on our own planet.

Rather than make money, you would probably prefer to be with family or friends, perhaps on a beach somewhere enjoying yourself. Isn’t sitting on a beach free? What’s not free is the travel expenses to get there, your shelter when you need to sleep, and food you’ll need to eat. But should all that really cost you a lifetime of pursuing money?

Corruption Follows Money

This one should be no surprise. But what surprised me is how common the corruption is. One example is casino licensing. In a fair world, existing wealth should not determine who gets to become more wealthy. I will use my local casino as an example.

Back twenty years ago, no casinos existed in our state. The nearest casino was about 15 hours drive away. But there is far too much money in gambling, so the creation of a local casino was inevitable.

Creating a new casino costs approximately $200,000 in fees alone. This is excluding the cost of lawyers. All up, it costs around a minimum of one million dollars just to get off the ground. This is excluding staff training, building and equipment. On top of that, the government likes to take their cut in the form of taxation.

Ordinary people don’t have a hope of starting a casino. You are not even able to easily combine funds with family and friends. This is because beyond a certain threshold of investors, there are special licensing requirements that make applications unrealistically difficult.

Of course online casinos are much cheaper to start, although there are still licensing requirements. The website lists many of the licensed online casinos.

The Gambling Community Is Full Of Malicious People

Well it’s not as if this is the pottery industry. Most people are quite benevolent, and just do their job. I explained to one of my players about the many malicious people I’ve encountered. She was adamant that her normal employment industry was worse. I’m not sure about that one, but it goes to show you get rotten eggs in every industry. Perhaps it has more to do with people protecting their business interests. So if you’re successful in any business, expect others will want to bring you down.

I think it’s safe to say there’s a significantly higher concentration of malicious people in the gaming industry. Luckily though, I’m at least on good terms with most of them. There are numerous organized crime groups that have sought to use my technology illegally. Of course I flat refused to be part of any illegal enterprise. It’s not like they couldn’t refuse my denial because I maintain close and careful control over my technology. For example, I can restrict anyone’s access if I find they are breaking laws. This is a capability my lawyer suggested I have. It is important because if a player is breaking laws, it reflects poorly on me, and I could have my offices and servers raided by police. I really don’t want that to happen. Not that I’m doing anything illegal, but it would be an inconvenience for myself and other players. It might mean a few hours of my time wasted, and servers would be down for perhaps an hour while police copied the hard drives. They wouldn’t get anything from them because of the encryption, and a variety of other reasons. Although it’s a situation I’d rather avoid.

Anyway back to my point. Some of my professional roulette players are quite notorious. But they have an undeserved bad reputation. They may have other business interests that are less than legal (allegedly). But from their perspective, they are just running a business. Such a business may be an illegal underground casino. They may run it with much the same ethical standards as any legal casino. The difference is they don’t pay tax, and they don’t pay licensing fees to the government. As I see it, it doesn’t make them “bad people”. Yes they are breaking laws, but they are still honest and fair with their patrons who are typically other wealthy individuals. I’ve always been of the view that people should be allowed to do whatever they want – provided they don’t negatively impact anyone else’s life or free will.

I’ve come to know various notorious people, who have bad reputations. Some have reputations even for violence. Yet I find them to be friendly, respectable and loyal people. You just don’t want to cheat them, and you’ll find the respect and loyalty goes two ways.

There are good and honest people in governments. But there are also very dishonest and corrupt people in governments, which are usually even worse than criminals you’d find in prison.

This isn’t to say I haven’t come access people I’d consider “bad”. One example is an individual who outright stole from shops using technology to mask RFID tracking chips. Few of the people I’ve dealt with have this kind of mentality, where they have only selfish interests – without regard for others. Once I identify a person is like this, I clearly explain I want nothing to do with them. I’m not interested in them paying me anything, or working with them in any way. This tends to upset them, and they end up threatening me, as if it would motivate me to work with them further. The threats may be serious, but it’s not like I haven’t been threatened before. Most threats are just words, which is clear because I often invite people to meet me and express their emails to me, in person. They decline. And I do enjoy a level of comfort provided by resourceful associates, who often assure me they can assist with particularly annoying people. Not that I’m incapable of taking care of myself.

Certainly the gambling industry is interesting. It has enabled me to see a level of society you wouldn’t normally see. It may be full of corruption and “bad people”. But truly it is nothing compared to the banking industry. But mostly, despite “negative reputations” of some people I deal with, again I find them to be honest people. They just tend not to respect laws that exist to serve super-wealthy individuals, although they still have high ethical standards.

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