Gambling Tips for Roulette That Work

The first gambling tip for roulette is test your systems using either real wheels or the best free roulette game. The premise of this article is that you already know the rules of playing roulette and would like to learn about tips and tricks on how to win the game. Winning over roulette should be taken as a long-term goal, not something that you accomplish overnight. These gambling tips for roulette will be very informative for the beginner, intermediate or advanced roulette player.

Play with real roulette wheels

The first tip would be to play with real roulette wheel. Winning in the game of roulette can only be sustained with an understanding of real wheel physics – the dynamics that exists between a real wheel andthe ball.  Most casinos offer the convenience of betting at RNG computer terminals, which are actually slot machines and not real roulette. The winning number is computer-generated, and you can’t win over a slot machine in the long term.

Opt for the European wheel

If you have a choice, choose to play the European roulette wheel (single-zero) instead of the American roulette wheel(double-zero). The extra pocket for 00 in the American version increases your odds and reduces your chance of winning. For every spin in the European roulette wheel, a numbered slot that you pick has 1 chance of becoming the winning number out of 37 slots. That’s a 1/37 chance (2.7% chance). In the American roulette wheel, that chance is reduced to 1/38(2.63% chance) because of the additional slot for 00.

Reduce bets after losses

Betting in progression, or increasing succeeding bets to recover past losses, is a common gambling mistake, especially among roulette bettors. This is very wrong because every spin is an independent event, and the probability of a number winning or losing in any spin remains the same regardless of the previous spins. By increasing your bets, you are only increasing the amount you put at risk in subsequent spins, and therefore lose more.

Don’t believe that a red or black is due

A color is not due simply because the other color has been appearing in a row. Not a few bettors think that if ten or so consecutive spins resulted in a red, for instance, a black is bound to come out next (or is “due”). Or since red is obviously on a streak, the next number will also be a red. Nothing could be farther from the truth, because the ball can still land on any of the 37 or 38 numbers, and there are still 18 reds as there are 18 blacks for every spin. If you’re betting style depends on the probability of a number or color showing up next, it remains the same regardless of the number of spins you make or the seeming “streak” that you believe in.

Set a limit to your gains and losses

Predetermine your maximum gains and losses – this is the best way to manage your bankroll. From the start, this article has emphasized on winning roulette in the long term. If you’ve reached your loss limit – stop. There’s no point losing more and more in one night. Even if you eventually win, you won’t be able to recover your losses with a few wins. The only thing that’s certain is losing more. On the other hand, if you’ve reached your predetermined winnings – stop. Casinos won’t let you keep winning. If they notice you winning consistently, they’ll change the dealer or change the table and wheel just to interrupt your luck on the tables.

Learn the strategies of betting

Familiarize yourself with the various ways to place your bets, and master the odds and payout chart. Bets can either be inside and outside bets. Inside bets can be straight (bets made on 1 number), split (2 numbers), street (3 numbers), square (4 numbers), or six line (6 numbers). Outside bets can be colors (18 numbers), dozens (12 numbers), highs or lows, odds or evens (18 numbers), or columns (12 numbers). A bet on fewer numbers will have a lower chance but higher payout. To illustrate, a straight bet will have 2.7% chance and a payout of 35:1 (original bet plus 35 chips). On the other hand, a color bet will have a winning chance of 48.65% and a payout of only 1:1 (original bet plus 1 chip).For professional players, inside bets are more strategic than outside bets.

Study various kinds of wheels and strategize

With these gambling tips for roulette, weare telling you to veer away from misconceptions and focus more on the physics between the wheel and the ball instead. Research various wheels and their manufacturers. Study wheel designs from their makers’ websites and decide which designsand make can be beaten more easily.

Select a wheel wisely

In the casino, take time to assess wheels before finally selecting one. Practice spinning the wheel before placing your bets. Look for wheel biases which affect the ball’s behavior, bounce and predictability. When there are too many players in a table, making payout takes time and the wheel spins very infrequently. This is not practical for beating the game. On the other hand, you can’t remain inconspicuous in a table with very few clients.

Take advantage of the dealer’s signature

Look for the dealer’s signature– it is the manner and speed of spinning the wheel and throwing the ball. Casinos assign their dealers or croupiers around the different tables to avoid detection of this pattern. To discerning gamblers, however, this signature may work to their advantage before the dealer is changed. Make neighbor bets instead of betting on individual numbers to increase your edge by predicting areas or sectors around the wheel where the ball will land.

In the game of roulette, it must be understood that the house has a consistent edge of -2.72% using a European wheel and -5.26% using an American wheel regardless of the variety of bets that a bettor makes.Interestingly, these numbers show a minor edge on the casinos’ part. With diligence on the player’s part, roulette can be beaten. By applying these gambling tips for roulette, you improve the accuracy of your predictions from normal random bets to sustained wins over time.

Winning in real casinos is the same as winning online, athough you just need multiple accounts to avoid detection.

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