Why Most Roulette Systems Don’t Really Work

Roulette has been one of the most popular gambling games for many centuries, yet no one has come up with a conclusive way of beating it. Many people through history have tried to beat the famous spinning wheel, but to little avail.

This is not to say that there aren’t many systems for betting roulette in place, but the reality is that despite all their advantages, in the long run, all roulette systems have a flow of sorts. In this article, we investigate why different roulette systems don’t really work in the long run and what you should do to have a best chance of actually winning at roulette.

Huge Investments For Tiny Returns

Many roulette betting systems revolve around starting out with a tiny investment and increasing it as you hit or miss. These systems such as Martingale or Labouchere system can work for a certain time, as you are likely to hit your even money bet once in a few tries, but the problem arises when a long stretch of misses happens.

As you have to double your bet on every single bet that you make, what can sometimes happen is that you have to bet thousands of dollars just to win a single dollar. If your bet misses, you now have to double those thousands yet again, still to win a dollar.

While theoretically you can still win money, these systems would require you to have a nearly infinite bankroll, while the money you stand to win would be measured in single dollar bills. At some point, you would end up busting even a $100.000 bankroll if you were starting out with a single dollar bet, which is surely absurd.

Sure enough, systems like Martingale make sense in the short run, but if you intend to use them to change your life, you should be very careful not to bust a healthy bankroll chasing a pipe dream.

Betting Limits

All online casinos and the vast majority of live casinos will limit your maximum bet per spin. At online casinos, you may very well end up being limited to just a few hundred dollars per spin, while live casinos will let you bet thousands, but your initial bet will often have to be $5 or more.

This means that your progressive systems won’t really work because you will hit the betting cap way too often. Starting at a single dollar investment, you will often end up hitting the cap in 8 to 10 bets, and stretches like this happen once in just a few hundred spins, which means the systems become unfeasible.

You can still try to run a hot wave for a while and win a few hundred dollars this way, but in the long run, the casinos will prevent you from busting them through limiting your maximum bets, while live casinos may even ask you to leave the game or the entire casino if they believe your system is giving you an advantage.

Casino Prerogative

All casinos, whether they are online or live, have the right to ask you not to play with them anymore at any moment. This means that you could be 6 or 8 bets into your sequence and a floor person will simply come up to you and ask you kindly not to place anymore bets. Of course, should you refuse to do so kindly, they will proceed to make you stop and will not accept any bets from you.

If this does happen, you will end up being stuck the money you have invested, with no chance of returning your investment or making a profit. In short, since the casinos have all the power and you are just a customer, you will have to oblige by their rules, and they don’t really like players who are trying to take advantage.

So What Can I Do?

To be completely realistic, your best bet when playing online roulette is to play it straight. What you certainly can do is to take advantage of one of the many fantastic online casino deposit bonuses on offer. For one of the best online casinos to play roulette you can check out https://www.casinocowboy.com/casinos/bet365-casino/ where you can experience some of the finest roulette games online with a fantastic deposit bonus.

Instead of trying to take advantage of casinos by using various betting systems, simply use the deposit bonuses to boost your bankroll and enjoy the experience of betting roulette straight up, thus not giving the casinos any reason to ban you or cause any trouble for you.

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The Odds Of Roulette vs Other Gambling Games

While all gambling games seem very random at first look, the reality is that they are all based on mathematics and the casinos know very well how big of an edge they have. Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games, and the odds for it are well known.

On a regular, or European Roulette, the house maintains a 2.7% edge over the player, which stems from the single green 0 number. On an American Roulette, this edge doubles to 5.4% because there are two zero numbers. If you are betting red/black for instance, you are getting paid 1/1 but there are one or two more losing numbers than winning numbers.

In this article, we look at some other gambling games and compare the house edge and your winning odds on roulette to these other games to find out what the best game to play actually is.

Video Slots

Video slots are easily the most popular type of games in both online and live casinos around the world. However, despite being a single category of games, the house edge on video slots can vary quite a bit. Some slots in online casinos only maintain a 2% edge, while others will go as high as 10 or even 15% in live establishments.

Generally speaking, roulette players have better odds of winning than video slots players on most games. However, video slots players get to bet very small amounts per spin, with just a few cents per bet being the minimum, compared to much higher minimum bets on roulette wheels both live and online.


Blackjack is probably the best of all gambling games in terms of house edge and player winning odds. The house edge on blackjack games falls well below 1% in some cases, especially if you are using the absolute best strategy, or the optimal strategy for the particular type of game.

With such low house edge and minimum bets similar to those of roulette, you will probably be better off playing optimal strategy at blackjack than betting roulette. However, many players prefer the thrill of the spinning wheel and are willing to risk the slight edge for the additional thrill.


Baccarat is another extremely popular gambling game, especially among Asian players. The house edge of betting on the Banker or the Player in this game are 1.06% and 1.24% respectively and 14.36% on a Draw. For this reason, betting Banker or Player is more profitable than betting roulette, while betting Draw is close to complete madness.

If you like the game of Baccarat, make sure to avoid the Draw bets and if you are simply looking to gamble it up, roulette is still a viable option, as long as you remember to play the European version instead of the much lower value American Roulette.

Arcade Games

While they may seem like fun and games, Arcades offered at various casinos are actually the absolute worst value. You will often encounter 7%, 10% and even 20% house edges in arcade games that are meant for recreational gamblers to play.

Playing roulette is always much more profitable than delving into the arcades, so if you are thinking of playing the arcade games like Keno, Casino War or Big Six, just remember that you are losing out a lot compared to roulette, and there is really not too much of a reason to play them instead.

Where Should I Play

There are quite a few great online casinos and sites where you can enjoy all of the games mentioned. You can check out https://www.yourate.com/sports-betting/operator/paddy-power/ to find some of the best online gambling sites where you can test out the odds of all the games and use the information you learned in this article.

Remember, online casinos also provide generous deposit bonuses, so you can make the best of those and play with the additional money awarded by the casinos. In addition, stay away from the high house edge games so as to improve your odds of actually walking away with cash in hand.

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How The Roulette House Edge Works

Every player who dabs into roulette should know how casinos profit from every game. The only way to do this is to know what house edge is all about. To have a better grasp on roulette games and how the entire process works, you can visit http://www.roulettephysics.com/roulette-bets-odds-and-payouts/.

When playing roulette, the house edge is an important consideration. This is an element that confuses many people. In simple terms, the house edge is a casino advantage. This is considered as one advantage that casinos have over players. This edge is a guarantee that in the long run, a casino would profit. This could be easily referred to as an unfair payout. The house edge would differ depending on the kind of roulette wheel that you are playing at.

Computing the House Edge

Basically, the house edge would be computed based on the number of zeroes in the wheel. This is the primary reason why the house edge differs depending on the version of roulette that you are playing. It is easy to get the theoretical house edge. All you have to do is to divide the number of slots with zero with the number of total roulette slots.
Since the number of slots will differ for American and European roulette, the house edge would be different.

European Roulette

This is the most popular version of roulette and the oldest kind of the casino game. This game is also referred to as French roulette. In the wheel used in this version of roulette, there are 37 pockets. The pockets are the numbers that the ball could possibly land on. The numbers are either red or black in this type of wheel. In general, the house edge is pegged at 2.7%.

American Roulette

This type of roulette is the one that has a double green zero. American roulette is only different because of the number placement and the existence of the additional zero on the wheel. This zero is also known as the “house number” It is called as such because it will increase the casino’s house edge. This type of roulette is deemed to have a higher house advantage. This means that a casino would have higher chances of making money from its players.

Due to the addition of the double zero, there are 38 pockets in this type of roulette. American roulette is more popular in the United States. It’s hard to find this almost anywhere else except the U.S. This version of roulette is played because it has many fans. Another reason is that there are people in the US that encourage playing this game. House edge for this roulette version is 5.26%.

Why House Edge Matters

From the house edge computation above, you would think that the percentage is too small. In fact, even the 5.26% house edge in American roulette does not seem to be significant enough. But when the transactions constantly take place, the house edge could easily eat up your entire bankroll. This is especially true for average players. It would be different for professional players who are using a strategy to win the game of roulette.

Of course, it is also impossible for players not to win in any given game. These wins can be considered as a short term loss for a casino. But these are short term losses. To them, what matters is what happens in the long run. Given the house edge, the casino will be raking in profits from its players. You also have to remember that casinos do not consider players individually. Casinos think in terms of the volume of players in their casino which would eventually add up to a profit for the casino as a whole.

A player would only be under the detection of the casino when it appears that he or she is a professional player.

American vs. European Roulette

Many roulette players promote playing European roulette over American roulette. As outlined above, the reason is the fact that the house edge is lower for European roulette. In general, this would hold true.

However, there are cases where the difference in house edge would no longer matter. This is applicable to players who are into using physics to know where the ball will end up. Advantage play using physics would be all about observing how the wheels move. Hence, the most important consideration is the predictability of the wheel not the house edge.
For players who are engaged in what is known as advantage play, the difference even between the roulette versions would no longer matter.

The ultimate goal in roulette is to choose the right slot. The house edge may affect your ability to win in a normal game. But, when you are in an advantage play, you will have better winning odds. By beating these odds, you would have higher chances in winning roulette. Needless to say, mastery of the techniques in advantage play would be in your best interests. Professional players can discard house edge since they could increase their odds of winning through their strategic gameplay.

Do I play American Roulette or European Roulette?

Roulette is a game in the casino that was named after a word in French which implies little or small wheel. It is the decision of the player to place a bet on a single wheel or double wheel roulette or on the colour of the player choice (red, black) or a specific number of his or her choice (even, odd). The grids in which bets are placed look so much alike but the number on which the ball lands differs, it could be European or American version of the game. The rules and how to play roulette are explained at http://www.roulettephysics.com/how-to-play-roulette/

American Roulette Wheel

American roulette also known as double zero wheel is made up thirty six slot as well as having 2 slot as double green, it has double zero and this give the casino a greater advantage in that the probability of the ball landing on the double green slot is on high side thereby give them opportunity to double the house edge against the player thereby making it very difficult to make good profit from the game. Double zero wheel are listed in this order 0, 28, 9, 26, 30, 11, 7, 20, 32, 17, 5, 22, 34, 15, 3, 24, 36,13,1, 00, 27, 10, 25, 29, 12, 8, 19, 31,18, 6, 21, 33, 16, 4, 23, 35, 14, 2

European Roulette Wheel

European roulette: It is also known as single wheel and the slot is made up thirty six numbers with a single zero that is just green and the bet is on a single number i.e. a straight line bet which pays at 35:1, the essence of the slot that is green is to create room for casino managers to have house edge in which way they make their own gain without that they will make no profit in running the game. Single zero wheel are listed in these order 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26

Differences between American roulette wheel and European roulette wheel.

a). American roulette wheel is a double zero wheel while European roulette wheel is a single zero wheel
b). American roulette wheel have their own pocket to be 38 in number while European wheel have their own pocket to be 37 in number
c). European roulette has a freedom rule which give player opportunity to give out half of his wager or ignore the game and wait for the next chance at each time zero appears( this is known as en prison rule) but American roulette wheel does not have such option.
d). American roulette chips are in varied colours while European roulette chips has the same colours
e). European roulette wheel has its place at the middle while American roulette wheel is located at the table’s extreme end
f). The house edge on the European roulette wheel favours the players in that there is only single zero but the story is different on American wheel because it favour the casino managers due to its double zero wheel
g). As a result of the en prison rule that is present in European roulette it reduce the house edge to a minimal percentage of 1.352% while house edge in American roulette could be as high as 5.26%
f). In collecting bet that are loss from the game, a long stick called rake are used in collecting the bet on the European roulette wheel while American roulette wheel clears its loss by sweeping them off with hands and arm.

Why playing European Roulette Wheel?

European roulette: It is also known as single wheel and the slot is made up thirty six numbers with a single zero that is just green and the bet is on a single number i.e. a straight line bet which pays at 35:1, the essence of the slot that is green is to create room for casino managers to have house edge in which way they make their own gain without that they will make no profit in running the game. If you really want to be a successful roulette player you need to opt for European wheel because it has several wining advantage when compared to American roulette, although many people still play American roulette because they do not know how much they are losing because of their ignorance or lack of information about the numerous advantages of European wheel. You need to play European roulette wheel because of the following reasons:

a. The house edge is minimal and it’s afford the gambler the chances of winning at any opportunity they have in playing the game
b. It has a flexible rule (en prison rule) in that the gambler can bet with half of his wager or ignore bet for a next chance
c. It single zero wheel gives the gambler a winning advantage
d. No complexity in playing the game

The Best Odds In The Roulette Game

The best odds in roulette are revealed in detail at http://www.roulettephysics.com/roulette-bets-odds-and-payouts/ with mathematical comparisonsWhile gambling, the best odds in roulette game will always be an unsure thing to help you during the game. For example, if you are playing the European Roulette, the chances of winning are going to be 1 to 37. Your odds are often different depending on what kind of roulette game you are playing with. Try playing with many roulette game versions such as the online, American and European versions. There are many odds for each kind of roulette, but that doesn’t mean that you will make it right always. If you try different alternatives, you can learn every time more about the odds that every roulette game represents.

How To Increase My Odds In A Casino

As you may guess, this game is purely about luck and random fortune. There are some ways in which you can slightly increase your odds of winning, but this doesn’t determine that you will get high amounts of money every time you play. A good strategy you can use in order to win is to only to bet on red or blacks every time the wheel spins. If you do this kind of bet then you would be covering 18 of the 38 combinations there are.

Another idea you can take into account to raise your odds could be to bet on an even-money play as well as betting on a column or dozen that can pay you 2 to 1. That is for example, when you bet on a black and bet also on column number three. When you do that, there will be a higher possibility of winning because you can have 26 numbers and 4 of them you would be covering twice.

Maybe one of the most effective strategies that you can use is trying to bet on 50/50 wagers. To do this, you need to wage on odds or evens, reds or blacks, 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. If you use this strategy, you will be able to have a good chance of winning half of the time (technically speaking), but remember that you would be using this strategy more than once, so even if you win the first time, the second try may not be successful. At the end, the best odds in roulette game will be determined by how you use the strategy rather than the strategy itself.

How Can I Test A Good Strategy To Win?

It would be advisable that you try this and any other strategy in a online roulette game. If you play online, your bankroll would be virtual and your losses too. If you don’t win in a roulette game online, at least you wouldn’t be losing real money and what’s better, you would be able to test your skills and different systems or strategies as much time as you want. There are plenty of websites where you can find online roulette games and you can search them by the category you want, French, European or American. Another good point of playing online is that some online games feature a multiplayer mode so you can test your skills against another human being which is probably the best and more realistic way to try your skills almost like if you were gambling in a real casino.

More Tips and Tricks To Consider

The page at http://www.roulettephysics.com/how-to-win-at-roulette/ has some very useful roulette tips. If you want more knowledge about this game, it’s going to be important that you remember that every spin made on the wheel is 100% independent from the previous one. This means that even if you get a big streak of 10 reds in a row, that doesn’t mean next time the ball will land on a red next time it spins. It’s just a matter of luck, you rather try your luck online before going to a real casino in order to start systems and strategies for the first time, that would be a big risk and probably a big loss as well.

It would be also nice that you remember that it’s better to avoid betting on single numbers while playing because there is a big gap between realistic odds and the payout you could get.

Some players may think that they will win while trying a new system just because it’s something they didn’t try before, but the reality is that even if the system they try next time is a new thing for them, the game is going to be still about luck in the first place and strategy or systems are going to be only a minor aspect.

If you are getting to obsessed with the idea of winning no matter the cost, it would be better that you leave the casino and take a break because this is a common thing that happens to many gamblers before they bet way too much money which they lose at the end. Prepare yourself as much as possible before betting and remember to do it in a healthy way so you can enjoy while you are gambling.

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Important Casino Roulette Tips You Must Know

The best roulette tips page is at http://www.roulettephysics.com/how-to-win-at-roulette/ which explains what does and doesn’t win at roulette If you win money in your first or second betting you should stop playing and leave the casino. You may don’t really know why this is a good casino roulette tip, but if you win once and you take the risk again (even if you use a different strategy) you are doubling the chances of losing at the same time. You have to remember that you already took a risk at the beginning while betting the first time, if you do that one more time it doesn’t imply you will win again. Many players and gamblers don’t do this because after winning they get too obsessed with the idea of getting more money. Betting twice can make them lose even what they have won and that’s something that must be avoided.

Make Wise Use Of The Martingale System

This is very important casino roulette tip to remember if you don’t want to lose your whole bankroll in less than 1 hour. If you use the Martingale system there must be a good reason behind it. It’s just not a matter of using it just because you lost money on your last bet. You should use it if you consider it’s a good moment to do so, for example, if you have lost too many times in a row and want to recover as much money as possible. There are some players that bet by using this system just because they “believe” that it will help them out to get more money, that may be truth but there is a chance it doesn’t work at all.

Try With The Best Strategies

When you play the American Roulette a good strategy is betting on reds or blacks, even or odd or numbers between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36. Remember that the American Roulette has 37 pockets, this means that when the ball stops, there will be a balanced chanceof landing in any of these.

If you win, there is also another suitable option you can try out: if you won the last time you made a bet a little money. This is a useful strategy so you only bet a small amount and you don’t lose that much money. For example, if you win 20$ it will be better for you to stop playing and going somewhere else so you don’t feel the temptation of doing new wages or bets which could cause that you lose the money you already have.
The Parlay System may also be a nice idea if you want to be a little bit more risky. When you use the parlay system you have to double your bets (and expect to win), if you don’t, then the best you can do is betting again with the minimum amount you can. This sounds a little bit too risky and that is because it is, the Parlay System doesn’t will often have “strong” results and these strength can be either positive or negative, it’s up to the player to decide whether to use it or not. Remember that if you win the payout is going to be really big.

Try Out The Labouchere System

For this system you will have to consider the amount of the chips you are playing with. When using the Labouchere System you have to bet with a single unit, then, after you win for the first time, you will try covering the other times you lost by compensating. To compensate effectively you will have to increase the amount of units, this time you will bet with 3, this means that you would have to win at least three times. After that, you will have to repeat the process you did before by raising the number to 5 units and you should also cover the previous losses. It’s recommendable that the numbers of the chips you are playing with are close from each other so you can cover the progressions easily.

The Oscar’s Grind Can Make You Win

If you use the Oscar’s Grind you are very likely to raise the winnings and reduce the losses you would get overall. The main purpose of this system is to reduce the bets you do when you are losing and to increase them when you are winning. When you play the roulette you may notice that when you lose it normally happens many times in a row during a certain period of time and the same happens when you are winning, this may be the reason why many gamblers around the world would consider sometimes that they are “on fire”. If you can identify these streaks whether they are positive or not, then you will be able to do your bets in a wise way so you can get the best of the game. Just remember that since this game is mainly a matter of luck, it doesn’t mean that this system will work 100% perfectly every time you use it. What makes a good gambler is not to know when to bet a lot but when to stop playing so there are no more significant losses.

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The Best Roulette Game Online

You can find the best free roulette game online at http://www.roulettephysics.com/free-roulette-simulator/. The roulette game is one of the most popular games that you will be able to find in the gambling world. you can find this game also the web as long as you have internet because this game is available online. If you want to win some money on this game it may be a good idea that you remember some aspects first.

Where Can I Play The Roulette Game Online?

If you want to get some skill before going to a real life casino, it will be better that you get practice first while playing online. Since technology has advanced a lot on these years, now you will be able to play this game by just doing some clicks on the web. Plenty of roulette online games can be found on the web, most of them are free but some aren’t so you rather do a list of the ones you like the most so you can get the best of them while practicing without having to pay anything.

Why Should I Play Online First?

It would be way better if you get at least some experience before betting or trying to get a bunch of money in Las Vegas. If you practice this game online, it will help you to have a better sense of what gambling really is like. You can learn about systems, strategies, common words using while playing, etc. if you play online first you will see how this game is mostly a matter of random luck, it will be better for you to understand more about the roulette while losing your virtual bankroll rather than your real one.

Something that would be good to do before playing in a casino is to learn as many tips and tricks as possible so you can apply them while being on the real table. It will be a lot more comfortable to play while being at home where you can bet over and over by just spinning the virtual roulette so you can even try different strategies.

What Exactly Is The Martingale?

The Martingale is a popular strategy that many players use when they lose the money of their bankrolls. The idea of the Martingale is to recover the money that the gambler has lost in a previous bet by betting double money in the next time he or she bets. Most of the times the Martingale is not really effective since as said before, this game is about luck more than anything else. It can be said that this strategy is more like a “personal ritual” that is done so players can get back the money they lost but this doesn’t work all the time because if it was like that, then everybody would get rich while playing in casinos.

If you want, you can try using the Martingale while playing online so you can test by yourself the true effectiveness without risking your real money in case you don’t win.

What Other Benefits Can I Get Online?

First learn how to play roulette at http://www.roulettephysics.com/how-to-play-roulette/. If you play the roulette online you are not only saving your money but also getting more practice with different systems that you can use in real casinos. If you want you can try betting by on red or black colors or maybe just try with odd or even numbers, it’s all a matter of luck so there are not systems that will help you out to win every time. What is sure is that you will get more familiar with the different methods online a lot faster and easily than you would in real life since you can retry over and over as many times as you wish.

Sometimes you will even find online roulette game websites in which you will be able to play with other people. This will give you the feeling that you are playing in a more realistic way since you would have to figure out the best strategy so you can win the game and you can play against another human brain which is better than playing only with an automatic computer game.

You will be able to find some sites in which you can get a chat so you can also talk to other players during the game or even ask them for advice based on their personal experience with the roulette game online. Some online roulette sites have music on them so you can chill out while enjoying your game which is a nice feature so the roulette environment would feel a lot more like a real life casino, most of these sites music are jazz songs.

Will I Be Better If I Play Online?

If you play the roulette online chances are that you might get more skilled but this doesn’t mean that you will win next time you play in your local casino. You rather be prepared to enjoy instead of only winning money and more money because at the end you “play” to have fun.

If you are a novice in the gambling world it would be better that you don’t test your luck at the very beginning by betting in a casino, it’s sure going to be a bad idea, so you rather try this tool you have next to you just some clicks away.

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Gambling Tips for Roulette That Work

The first gambling tip for roulette is test your systems using either real wheels or the best free roulette gameThe premise of this article is that you already know the rules of playing roulette and would like to learn about tips and tricks on how to win the game. Winning over roulette should be taken as a long-term goal, not something that you accomplish overnight. These gambling tips for roulette will be very informative for the beginner, intermediate or advanced roulette player.

Play with real roulette wheels

The first tip would be to play with real roulette wheel. Winning in the game of roulette can only be sustained with an understanding of real wheel physics – the dynamics that exists between a real wheel andthe ball.  Most casinos offer the convenience of betting at RNG computer terminals, which are actually slot machines and not real roulette. The winning number is computer-generated, and you can’t win over a slot machine in the long term.

Opt for the European wheel

If you have a choice, choose to play the European roulette wheel (single-zero) instead of the American roulette wheel(double-zero). The extra pocket for 00 in the American version increases your odds and reduces your chance of winning. For every spin in the European roulette wheel, a numbered slot that you pick has 1 chance of becoming the winning number out of 37 slots. That’s a 1/37 chance (2.7% chance). In the American roulette wheel, that chance is reduced to 1/38(2.63% chance) because of the additional slot for 00.

Reduce bets after losses

Betting in progression, or increasing succeeding bets to recover past losses, is a common gambling mistake, especially among roulette bettors. This is very wrong because every spin is an independent event, and the probability of a number winning or losing in any spin remains the same regardless of the previous spins. By increasing your bets, you are only increasing the amount you put at risk in subsequent spins, and therefore lose more.

Don’t believe that a red or black is due

A color is not due simply because the other color has been appearing in a row. Not a few bettors think that if ten or so consecutive spins resulted in a red, for instance, a black is bound to come out next (or is “due”). Or since red is obviously on a streak, the next number will also be a red. Nothing could be farther from the truth, because the ball can still land on any of the 37 or 38 numbers, and there are still 18 reds as there are 18 blacks for every spin. If you’re betting style depends on the probability of a number or color showing up next, it remains the same regardless of the number of spins you make or the seeming “streak” that you believe in.

Set a limit to your gains and losses

Predetermine your maximum gains and losses – this is the best way to manage your bankroll. From the start, this article has emphasized on winning roulette in the long term. If you’ve reached your loss limit – stop. There’s no point losing more and more in one night. Even if you eventually win, you won’t be able to recover your losses with a few wins. The only thing that’s certain is losing more. On the other hand, if you’ve reached your predetermined winnings – stop. Casinos won’t let you keep winning. If they notice you winning consistently, they’ll change the dealer or change the table and wheel just to interrupt your luck on the tables.

Learn the strategies of betting

Familiarize yourself with the various ways to place your bets, and master the odds and payout chart. Bets can either be inside and outside bets. Inside bets can be straight (bets made on 1 number), split (2 numbers), street (3 numbers), square (4 numbers), or six line (6 numbers). Outside bets can be colors (18 numbers), dozens (12 numbers), highs or lows, odds or evens (18 numbers), or columns (12 numbers). A bet on fewer numbers will have a lower chance but higher payout. To illustrate, a straight bet will have 2.7% chance and a payout of 35:1 (original bet plus 35 chips). On the other hand, a color bet will have a winning chance of 48.65% and a payout of only 1:1 (original bet plus 1 chip).For professional players, inside bets are more strategic than outside bets.

Study various kinds of wheels and strategize

With these gambling tips for roulette, weare telling you to veer away from misconceptions and focus more on the physics between the wheel and the ball instead. Research various wheels and their manufacturers. Study wheel designs from their makers’ websites and decide which designsand make can be beaten more easily.

Select a wheel wisely

In the casino, take time to assess wheels before finally selecting one. Practice spinning the wheel before placing your bets. Look for wheel biases which affect the ball’s behavior, bounce and predictability. When there are too many players in a table, making payout takes time and the wheel spins very infrequently. This is not practical for beating the game. On the other hand, you can’t remain inconspicuous in a table with very few clients.

Take advantage of the dealer’s signature

Look for the dealer’s signature– it is the manner and speed of spinning the wheel and throwing the ball. Casinos assign their dealers or croupiers around the different tables to avoid detection of this pattern. To discerning gamblers, however, this signature may work to their advantage before the dealer is changed. Make neighbor bets instead of betting on individual numbers to increase your edge by predicting areas or sectors around the wheel where the ball will land.

In the game of roulette, it must be understood that the house has a consistent edge of -2.72% using a European wheel and -5.26% using an American wheel regardless of the variety of bets that a bettor makes.Interestingly, these numbers show a minor edge on the casinos’ part. With diligence on the player’s part, roulette can be beaten. By applying these gambling tips for roulette, you improve the accuracy of your predictions from normal random bets to sustained wins over time.

Winning in real casinos is the same as winning online, athough you just need multiple accounts to avoid detection.

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Helpful Roulette Tips

Here is some simple advice for beating roulette with more detail at http://www.roulettephysics.com/how-to-win-at-roulette/

Roulette has been beaten many times with effective methods that resulted to repeatable success.This article includeshelpful roulette tipsand information to keep you winning at the wheel.

Use Roulette Physics

The consistent factor in many successful roulette stories has always involved roulette wheel physics. Einstein was right, in a way, when he said that there was no way to beat the roulette table because that’s not where you should start looking. Beat roulette at the wheel, not the table. Truly helpful roulette tips should essentially involve physics, and we’ve come up with this list of tips and tricks:

  • Exploit wheel bias – wheels may have slight anomalies or defects that result in their predictability or tendencies. Your role will be to explore these defects and make them work to your advantage. This was how Joseph Jagger “broke the bank in Monte Carlo” – he raked millions by studying physical defects in the manufacture of roulette wheels, the bias that these defects contributed to the behavior of the ball and the wheel, and the likely areas or numbers where the ball tended to land.
  • Play the real roulette wheel – for long-term wins, opt for the physical wheel instead of random number generator, or RNG. You can have fun at the RNG, but will never gainfully win in the long term.
  • Make the dealer’s signature work for you – casinos regularly vary the assignment of their staff especially the dealers because a signature or pattern may affect the predictability of how the ball is thrown and how far it bounces before it settles on a slot. Once you notice a pattern, use this to predict the likely sector or area where the ball may land and make a neighbor bet accordingly.

Understand Roulette Mathematics

  • Pick the European over the American wheel – of the two types of roulette wheel, the European (or single-zero) version gives the player a slightly increased chance of winning. It has 37 numbered slots, while the American version has 38 slots because of the additional “00”. With each straight bet (a bet on a single number), the player has 1/37 (or 2.7%) chance of a spin in a “0” wheel, compared to a lesser chance of 1/38 (or 2.63%) in a “00” wheel.
  • Improve random chance – as mentioned, the probability of a number becoming the winning number in every spin is 1/37. This represents the player’s random chance of winning with that bet. Combined with the understanding of physics (hence, a more accurate prediction), the chance of winning becomes significantly increased and tips the chance in your favor.
  • Understand the house edge – the casino has its built-in edge. This is not often clearly understood by bettors. If you bet on a number, it is understood that you have 1-in-37 chance of winning. If, at all, you win once in 37 spins, you will receive a payout of only 36 chips. In effect, you still would have lost by 1 chip even after winning 1 spin out of 37 spins. That 1 chip, computed as -0.027 (2.7%), is the expected value the player loses or the built-in edge of the casino for every bet made by a player. In the American wheel, the house edge is higher at -0.0526 (5.26%). Therefore, to sustain your bankroll, you have to win more than once in 37 spins and understand this concept to be able to develop systems that truly work.

Possess the right frame of mind

A player must possess the right frame of mind. Winning in the longer term is important.

  • Avoid being detected by not being greedy. Discipline yourself by being satisfied with modest winnings. Casinos only have this goal – detect consistent winners and stop them from winning.
  • Stop using effective roulette strategies that focus on betting systems or plans, such as “The Martingale”, “Labouchere System” and “D’Alembert System.” These strategies are not focused on predicting the winning number. Instead, they focus on the betting plan or progression of bets to recoup repeated losses. See why the martingale system loses.
  • Avoid fallacies that will deplete your bankroll in no time. Don’t believe in streaks or that colors are due after the other color has appeared in a series. Going back to the principle of probability, the likelihood that a particular color will appear next remains to be 18/37 (or 48.6%) for every spin regardless of the color (or series of the same color) that preceded it. Every throw is independent of the other throws or events.

To sum up, winning over casinos at the game of roulette involves predicting the winning number with the use of physics, reducing the casino’s edge, and changing the player’s odds in his or her favor.This is called the advantage play. With slight accuracy in your method of predicting the winning number, you sway the edge toward your direction. Strategies and systems that don’t give focus on these factors will only perpetuate fallacies that will never result to repeatable success. There are roulette systems that get banned because they win too much for casinos to tolerate, and they aren’t difficult to apply with time and dedication.

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How To Win At Roulette Always

roulette-wheel-044The best roulette system is explained at roulettephysics.com (click link) but if you are developing your own system, the first thing you must know in order to learn how to win at roulette always is the house edge.

There is a common view that casino always wins. It is partly true as in ideal conditions of absolutely accurate random number generation the chances of a casino to win are always higher than the odds of a player. In particular, for European single zero wheel casino’s winning chances are 2.7% higher than that of the player and for American double zero wheel probability of casino’s win is even greater and is equal to 5.3%. In other words, we can say that the house edge for European casinos is 2.7%, whereas for American casinos it is 5.3%.

The concept of the house edge is based on simple mathematics and can be easily explained in the following example. The European single zero wheel has 37 pockets (figures from 1 to 36 plus 0). So in the case of betting on a single number the odds to win is 1 in 37. This means in case one person bets on the same number 37 times one after another, then, according to statistics this player will win once. If on the winning bet the person was given 36 units plus the return of the original bet, then as a final result this person neither lost nor won. However, the casinos’ payout for straight bets is only 35 to 1. Hence, beginning with 37 chips after 37 spins on the same number most likely you will end up with 36 chips on hand. This 1 chip difference is the profit of the casino which is equal to 2.7% (1 / 37 = 0.027).

For persons who want to win at roulette always the most important point from stated above is that the house edge works properly in ideal conditions only. In reality, it is not possible to assure these ideal conditions on all real roulette wheels and here we will give the first tip on how to beat roulette – play on real roulette wheels only.

Great Advantages Granted By The Wheel Bias

Another important thing you should know to win at roulette always is that you must whether to learn existing ways or to create your own new method of prediction of the winning numbers.

Prediction of the winning numbers may be based on physical defects of the real roulette wheel otherwise named wheel bias. Biased wheel results in some numbers spin more often than others. Knowledge of such sacred numbers makes odds of the player win much higher than casino’s. Especially, wheel bias gives to an aware player advantage of around 10%. Given significant profits of casinos with the house edge of only 2.7 / 5.3%, it is easy to imagine the success of the professional player with an edge of 10%. Wheel bias is the secret which brought more than 1 million USD to Garcia-Pelayo family who started with the bankroll of about 2 000 USD only. This technique requires observation of roulette wheel, recording statistics of winning numbers and definition of the numbers which spin more often than others.

Magic Created By Roulette Computer

This is the closest you’ll ever get to play roulette and never lose (click link). The next method to forecast the winning figure is to use a roulette computer – an electronic device which calculates the rate of the wheel and the ball as well as defines the pocket the ball most likely will bounce to. Usage of roulette computer may give up to 50% advantage to its owner. Stories of Mr. Kovacs and the Ritz team evidence efficiency of this approach. The important feature of this method is that the player needs a chance to bet after the ball is released. To insure this, it’s very important for the player to remain unnoticed by the casino’s staff as they may temporarily forbid any late bets until the professional player leaves the table.

Tricks Of Being Invisible

For advantage players, it is highly important to be unnoticed by the casino’s team, as opposite may lead to banning of the player.

To remain unnoticed be modest. Don’t win during one session the amount over 100 times higher than the minimum bet on the table. For example, if the minimum bet is 10 USD, then winning up to 1 000 USD from such table is normal, higher winning may attract attention to the player.

Another tip for being invisible is not to play too often with the same casino staff.

Workload Of The Advantage Player

In order to win at roulette always be ready to spend time playing regularly. Advantage player is a profession and hence requires time and systematic approach. Even with the usage of the roulette computer which is one of the most effective winning techniques you should dedicate to playing around 20 hours per week. Regular play with attentiveness, patience and modesty are a proper mix to beat roulette.

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