Beat Roulette With a Genuine Long-Term Winning Roulette System

Our system has forced casinos to hire consultants to detect our players

World Gaming Conference: Our system forced casinos to hire consultants to detect our players. Some casinos closed roulette tables because it’s not the unbeatable game they thought.

I’ll show you a roulette system that earns many players $150,000+ per year from roulette. You’ll see REAL Proof including a Free Trial, Private Demos, and Lab-Test Results. You can even speak to real players using it. 

This is absolutely real but I’ll clearly state the system is not magic and does have limitations. It beats approximately 35% of modern wheels in today’s casinos and requires time and dedication. Otherwise the only limit to what you earn is what you can win without being noticed, because the casinos do know about it.

I know you’re skeptical, but forget what you think you know about roulette and take your time to review this entire site.

We all know most systems are scams, so I’ll start by giving you a FREE System That Works (see free course). There are no catches. I just want you to see this is REAL. I can afford to do this because I have an even better system that is much easier and more profitable to use. It can be used at either real or online casinos, and you can bet before the wheel is spun. It works on modern roulette wheels in new or old condition and there’s virtually nothing casinos can do to stop you winning except ban you, but we teach you to avoid detection. Over 900 players use it and combined, we have won an estimated $32,250,000 in 6 years. Many casinos now hire consultants to help detect our players.

Take the time to thoroughly review my site and you’ll see all the proof you need starting with the below proof summary:


See The Official “Lab-Test” Report:

Results from independent testingMy roulette strategy is the only one to ever have been officially tested by a qualified physicist with a gaming background. The results and the tester’s conclusions are: “Profit of $7350″ . . . “Less than a 1% probability that the accuracy of predictions were due to chance” . . . “The claims about the system appear accurate”

Proof doesn’t get any clearer than this. Download the Lab-Test Report (PDF)


See it Beat a Real Roulette Wheel:

This video below demonstrates a simplified version of my system. The starting bankroll is 100 units and a profit of +354 units is achieved within an hour. No betting progression bets are used. With $25 units, this is a profit of $8850 profit. With $100 units, its a profit of $35,400. The only limit to what you can earn is what you can win without being noticed by casino staff. This is why I also teach you how to avoid detection.


See a Personal Live Demo:

I often conduct public demonstrations of my system that anyone can attend or even bring their own wheels for testing. You can see a live demo for yourself, or view the below recordings of previous demonstrations:

Live Webcam Demo: Not everyone can travel to visit me, so I conduct live webcam demos. The demo shown below was witnessed by 40 people live. In this demo, predictions were about 15 seconds before the ball falls. The calculated edge was +28% which is enormous when considering the player disadvantage is normally -2.7%. Putting it into perspective, professional blackjack card counters consider a +2% edge large.

In-Person Demonstrations: Below is a recording of a live demo conducted in-person. We bet on 15 numbers and won on almost every spin (93%). Work out for yourself what you can earn if you win on almost every spin. The wheel is a current model Mk7 Huxley Roulette Wheel.

Two of the videos above demonstrate my roulette computer devices, NOT the “non-electronic” system explained on this site. For the non-electronic system, see the videos on the free system course page where you can learn apply a simple free system that works. The “system” does NOT need electronic devices at the table and it is legal everywhere.


Testimonials From Real Players:

“For the dealer to keep paying me money spin after spin while I watch others lose is one amazing feeling. I still find it hard to believe and keep waiting for someone to ask me to leave. What you have done for me and my family is something I cant explain.”

“I have won over $220,000 in a 2 year period and will be forever grateful to Steve and write this so you know my story and Steves system the are the best you will ever find”

“I am a regular user of the methods have been able to supplement my existing income from approximate 10 days each month to play. This has earned me approximately $60,000 in the two year period since becoming a player. To anyone considering the gw system, it really does work. . . I have made my money back many times over and highly recommend it.”

“I started with $1000 and now have $5000. It might not be a lot but I am VERY happy with this because I know I can do it over and over.”

“In the years I used the system, I earned between $400k-500k in total which was split between myself and my two partners”

“I have been using the system for the past year or so and I have earned £125,000 which has changed my life completely. It is true that you can only get away with a certain amount before they start to notice you, but so far I am doing this part time and I am just astonished at the results”

See the Testimonials page for more, including audio recordings. For further proof, also see the Proof of Effectiveness page.


How It Works:

STEP 1 – Collecting Winning Numbers

Spin Data Collection

Collect data about previous spins for the automated software to analyze
Collect data about each spin such as winning numbers. Use the pencil and paper casinos provide. You need to record approximately 150 spins for each wheel direction, and this is done ONCE for each wheel. While doing this you use my simplistic system that allows you break even while blending into the crowd. This part can take several hours but again it’s only done ONCE for each wheel. You can collect data over multiple days if required.

STEP 2 – Use The Automated Software to Analyze The Spins

Betting chart generationNow you enter the data into the software we provide. You can do this at home, or on a mobile phone or portable computer just outside the casino. The software AUTOMATICALLY analyzes your data, then gives you convenient betting charts that tell you exactly when and where to bet. Write the chart data on the paper the casino provides, then start playing at the wheel. When you play on a different day, you just conduct a few quick checks to ensure the wheel hasn’t changed, then resume play without delay. The betting charts are very simple and make knowing where to bet very quick and easy. They can be memorized if needed. An example is it may tell you when the winning number is 32, and specific “conditions” are present, then your next bets are 21,3,14,16,1,33.

Our software is simple enough for anyone to use. Even if you’ve never played roulette before, you can achieve the same results as experienced players, from day one.


You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This:

I’m a professional roulette player and have studied roulette literally almost every day for the last 20 years. I’m very well known in the roulette community and own the largest roulette forums including, and I work with numerous partners, many of which are ex-casino staff. Together we manage the largest team of professional roulette players that has ever existed. Our teams have likely won more from casinos than any other teams, ever. And if you think it’s just talk, keep reading . . .

In addition to the system explained on this site, we’ve developed electronic devices that predict where the ball will fall. These are called “roulette computers”, and you can learn more at One of our roulette computers uses military-grade image recognition equipment and hidden cameras to automatically predict where the ball will land. We’ve been using this technology for years right under the noses of casinos. We still keep details of this technology secret, but see part of it below:

An Automated Computer That Tells You The Winning Number:

Although our roulette computers are the quickest and most effective method to beat roulette, they are only legal in about 50% of casinos. They can still get you banned, so they are used discretely. However, the roulette system has earned even more than the computers, because it is does NOT use electronics at the table and is legal everywhere. Therefore more players use it.


Win Money, Whenever You Need It

Previously I only accepted players who already had experience in roulette, so I had less to teach. But since I released the JAA automated analysis software, there is not as much for players to learn. It is not difficult to enter data and click a button. So from day one, even new players can achieve the same results as experienced players.

The full price of unlimited software access and unlimited free support is US$3,500 (one-time fee) OR $350 per month (minimum 6 months paid in advance). Considering this can be made back in an hour, you pay a fair price.


30 Day Profit Guarantee:

Profit or get a refundI give you all reasonable proof including an effective roulette system for FREE, so you know this is the real thing. But I still guarantee that if you do not profit within 30-days, I’ll provide a full refund. Understand my guarantee is not assurance you will definitely profit. Like a fishing rod doesn’t guarantee you will catch fish, my system is essentially a “tool” that relies on you to use it correctly. However, it is very simple to use. See the official guarantee for full details.


What You Receive:

The only part you really need is the analysis software, but you also receive various other tools. The full list of what you receive is below:

JAA Automated Roulette Wheel Analysis Software

Betting chart generation

This is the software that generates the betting charts that tell you when and where to bet. It’s the only part you really need, and it’s extremely easy to use. You simply enter the data and click “Start”. That’s it. You don’t need to look any charts or data but it’s there if you want it. The software is accessed via and not available anywhere else.


E-book Containing The Best of the Traditional Professional Roulette Systems

Ebook about Beating RouletteThis is the first thing you receive upon becoming a player. It is an e-book that contains many other professional roulette strategies. They alone have won millions, but are not as effective or practical as the JAA system. As my player, you will consider them to be more just an “introduction” to professional systems.


Free Access to Player Forum & Unlimited Free Support

Support ForumYou won’t need much help because the software does the analysis for you. But you still get all the support you need including via phone, e-mail and skype. You can also attend group support meetings (in-person) that are held once every few months. You also get access to the forum for players only to share experiences or information with other players. It is by far the largest forum for professional roulette players.


Free Automated Bot for Online Casinos (value $495)

Online Roulette BotThis software is automates betting at online casinos. This is an extremely popular tool with my players who prefer to play roulette online.


Free Basic Roulette Computer Software for Mobile Phones (software only, value $500)

Spin collection and roulette computer

This is a free roulette computer that’s normally $1,250 when sold with the phone. You receive the software only which is $500 value for free, and it can be installed on most mobile phones. It has won small fortunes both at real and online casinos, despite it being much simpler than our advanced devices. *Phone not provided


Free Spin Collection and Wheel Evaluate Software for Mobile Phones (value $850)

Spin Collection SoftwareThis software integrates with the automated JAA software. You use it to discretely collect spin data without needing pencil and paper, so you can blend in even if you’re the only person at a table. All data is entered using hidden earpieces and hidden cables, so the casino staff don’t know what you’re doing. This software also allows you to quickly assess which wheels are best, without needing much data. *Phone not provided


Free Videos of Real Roulette Spins

Videos of Roulette SpinsWe have thousands of recorded spins that you can access for learning and practice. Most are free, and of a Mk7 John Huxley wheel with Velstone ball track and ivorine ball. This provides difficult conditions to thoroughly test the system. Plus you can test the system risk-free at various online casinos with free play for fun accounts.


If It’s So Good, Why Do I Sell it?

I sell it because my private teams use the roulette computers which are quicker to use. So I don’t need the system anymore. And rather than let it sit unused, it is more profitable to sell it at a reasonable price. In other words, if you had a Ferrari and a Toyota, which would you drive? If you never needed to drive the Toyota, does it mean it doesn’t work? Would it be more profitable to lease the Toyota to other people, or let it sit unused?

Have more questions? See the Frequently Asked Questions.


Very Few Investments Can Profit You This Much, This Quickly

Full access to the wheel analysis software is US$2,100 for 6 months access. OR you can pay a one-time fee of US$3500 for unlimited access without any ongoing fees (see Purchase page for details). If you don’t profit within 30 days, I will refund your payment. See Terms of Service and The Guarantee.


Join The World’s Largest Team of Roulette Players & Play Roulette For a Living

The system is absolutely real, and many players are earning a living from it. You will be able to speak to these and all other players in the player-only forum once you’re a player. The automated analysis software is very easy to use and even new players can achieve the same results as experienced players from day one. It will not take you long to understand this has the realistic capability of earning all the money you’ll ever need.

Access the full system

Comparison Chart – Free Vs Full System:

The free roulette system course is provided so you can see my systems work, but it is nowhere near as effective or practical as the full system. Below is a comparison chart:

Full System Free System
Automated Wheel Analysis Software (JAA) Yes No
Percentage of Modern Wheels Beaten
Average Overall Profit Per Hour (with $5 units)
Average Player Edge on Modern Wheel
Ease of Use (10 = easy, 1 = difficult)
Percentage of Suitable ONLINE Casinos
Discrete Application (10 = undetectable, 1 = obvious use)
Free Roulette Computer Yes No
Predictions Before The Wheel Spins Yes No
Ebook Containing All Professional Systems Yes No
Player Forum Access & Unlimited Free Support Yes No
Automated Betting Bot Software For Online Casinos Yes No
Spin Collection & Wheel Evaluation Software For Mobile Phones Yes No

Access the full system

Click Here to Join & Get the Full System

You can call me personally to ask any question, or even to just understand the type of person I am. You’ll find I have nothing to hide and answer questions directly and in detail. See below for my contact details.

Best Regards,

Steve | Management
Roulette Wheel Analysis Group
ACN 090 739 754
Skype: rouletteanalysis
Ph. +61 3 9018 5395
Calls must be on WEDNESDAYS 9am-4pm (Australia +10 GMT) unless otherwise scheduled.

See my schedule page at so you know when to expect a response. ALL players should subscribe to the blog for important updates.

Roulette system (no electronics):
Proof Of Effectiveness:

Electronic prediction devices:
Public demo recordings:

Roulette Forums:

Free Systems & Resources:

Our Energy Research / Non-profit Organization:

PS – If you’ve thoroughly reviewed all my sites and done your homework, you’d know this is the real thing. But if you still have lingering doubt, perhaps call me personally via phone or Skype, even if just to put a voice to my name and better know the type of person I am. I know the system is what I claim, my players know it, but you don’t. And no matter what proof I provide, it is natural to still have some doubt. Keep in mind that no investment is 100% safe. Every investment is calculated risk. So with all the proof I’ve provided including the genuinely effective system I’ve given you for free, you can decide for yourself if the risk outweighs the potential.

My system is used only by software that is accessible via, which is well protected because the program itself resides on a hidden server. The only material I publish is called the “primordials” document, which is essentially a collection of very basic methods that are used to teach background knowledge to new players, and they are nowhere near as effective as the JAA software. So if someone claims to “have” my system, you can be certain they are either referring to my “primordials” document, or are plain lying. I have never, and will never, release the secrets of the JAA software to anyone. It is the only way to ensure its security.

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  1. Hi ive been searching for a long time for a roulette beating system and lost lots of money on phoney software/systems and was just curious if you maybe have a trial version of the automated wheel analys software that i can maybe test out before i make any harsh decisions , you know as well as i do how many scams there is and i just want to make sure im not getting myself into another road block like before :)

  2. Your website and proof are very convincing but the two things holding me back are….

    WHY would you sell it? If its as good as you say then you and your players must be millionaires.
    and if it really works, the casinos wouldn’t allow it.

    • No casino will tolerate a consistent winner. Every professional player hides the fact they are a professional player. If the casino staff notice your constant wins, they’ll do whatever they must to stop you winning, and as a last resort may ban you. So it is critical you AVOID DETECTION and win DISCRETELY.

      The genuinewinner / jaa system is NOT illegal because you dont use electronic devices at the table. But the devices at and are very different, and illegal in about half of the casinos. We only use them where they are LEGAL. But still their application just be hidden for the same reasons explained above.

      Again the electronic devices ( are completely different to the JAA roulette system explained on this site.

  3. Hello,i’ve found something xxx what’s your opinion on this?can the online be beaten?i don’t know if it’s legti because i tried already and more than 8….like 11-12 red/black came across.but i think martingale its good but JUST like 4-5 time in a row then stop even if you lost,so i’m thinking using it after 10 consecutive spins or at the beggining(i don’t know for sure)since the odds of an event are the same.but bottom line is that 10 consecutive spins are more rarely than 2…so there is some probability i think.

    • The site you mentioned is a scam so I removed the link. The website owner gives you a free system and says it only works at specific casinos, that they are conveniently an affiliate of. You then signup at those casinos and lose, and the affiliate gets a commission. That kind of scam has been around for a while.

  4. salve sono italiano vorrei capire alcune cose.. non capisco quanto costano questi programmi per la roulette vorrei una spiegazione in privato anche tramite e mail al mio contatto ….. aspetto una vostra risposta mi sembra una cosa interessante !!!!

  5. I just want to congratulate you guys. Ive been following your websites and news for a long time. I was at one of your seminars for the uber roulette device. You guys and what you have done really is amazing and I expect someday there will be a movie about you. Well done, I’m just blown away.

    • Hi Mitch, some of it may not have been done before, but anyone can do anything in 20 years. The truth is I spent too much time trying to make money and not enough on removing independence from money. Roulette is still one of my major passions but now most of my work relates to projects such as

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